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Garden lighting - set accents with Moonlights

Garden lighting - set accents with Moonlights

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With beautiful lighting for the garden, you can set very special accents. Moonlights, for example, create very atmospheric light.

Moonlights create an atmospheric atmosphere

Dealers have greatly expanded their range

While Moonlights were once only offered in the form of spheres, the range of retailers has now expanded considerably. Hemispheres, stick lights, cube shapes and the like are available today. In addition, the Moonlights are no longer only available in frosted glass colors, but can be purchased with different colored lights (exchangeable color filters). Moonlights with changing light effects and the new sound balls, which set great accents especially at garden parties, are becoming increasingly popular.

Material and technology

The often even waterproof moonlights are made of UV-resistant plastic, which makes them particularly robust outdoors. Strong temperature fluctuations from -30 degrees to + 75 degrees generally do not pose any problems for the Moonlights, provided that high-quality versions of these lamps are purchased. Because the many cheap imitation products sometimes do not have the same material consistency.

Most moonlights (mains plug operation) are equipped with energy-saving lamps (usually 240V). Alternatively, they are also available with a 12 V low voltage. Very large moonlights are also often offered by the manufacturers with electronic ballasts.

Flexible moonlights also have battery operation, which means that they can optimally provide mains-independent light outdoors, but also in living rooms or the conservatory, etc. The battery moonlights are switched on and off with a remote control belonging to the lamp.

Model types

Socket lights: As already mentioned, moonlights are mainly offered as spheres or hemispheres. However, pedestal lights are also very popular, which are equally suitable for stable screwing on the floor or on the walls.

Floating balls: The atmospheric swimming balls, which conjure up a particularly seductive light on the water surface, are happy to be used in a garden with a swimming pool or pond. For this application, however, not only flexible moonlights are offered, but also moonlights with ropes for anchoring to the floor.

Mast lights, pendant lights, tension lights: Also available from specialist retailers are mast luminaires that are ideal for illuminating large gardens or parks, as well as pendant luminaires and tensioning luminaires that already have several luminaires in the basic set.


Before a moonlight is cleaned, the power plug must of course always be removed. The moonlights should not be cleaned in intense sunlight. Because the special cleaning agents are designed for use from +4 degrees to +20 degrees.

Step 1:
First, the dirty moonlights are pre-cleaned with a sponge and water. If the manufacturer allows, a high-pressure cleaner can of course also be used for this purpose - light water jet.

Step 2:
Then the environmentally friendly cleaning agent is sprayed thinly onto the surface and the lamp is reworked with a sponge or cloth - exposure time approx. 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 3:
Finally, the Moonlight is washed off with clear water or a high-pressure cleaner and then polished with a dry, lint-free cloth.