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Fertilize aquatic plants - how and when?

Fertilize aquatic plants - how and when?

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Aquatic plants do not actually need any fertilizer because the garden pond contains natural fertilizer. However, some pond plants need a little push.

It is common knowledge that plants in the garden need to be fertilized from time to time. In many specimens, optimal growth and abundant yield is only achieved through the supply of nutrients. But what about aquatic plants? Do you really need to fertilize aquatic plants? Here the opinions and opinions of pond owners and hobby gardeners differ. While a small part is clearly in favor of fertilizing the aquatic plants, the majority is against this measure.

Yes, you can also fertilize aquatic plants, but if aquatic plants are over-fertilized, rotting or burning is the order of the day. Apart from that, too many nutrients remain in the water and the formation of algae is then opened. The fertilization of the water garden is therefore not based on acting, but only on the reaction, in which only specific and economical food is introduced into the natural cycle.

Aquatic plants only fertilize in an emergency

If the plants are placed in the pond, it is not necessary to add fertilizer. It only gets hot when the plants show signs of deficiency, such as a yellowish color and poor flowering. Then nutrients can be added, provided that the deterioration in the condition of the plants has nothing to do with the pond being too dense. But be careful: pond plants that change color do not necessarily have to be sick. Aquatic plants get a reddish-brown color, especially in autumn. If necessary, direct fertilization via the water is also possible. It is better to fertilize using water, because its effectiveness is not so intensive and fertilization is more gentle.