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Harvest pumpkin - that's how it's done

Harvest pumpkin - that's how it's done

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Pumpkins are harvested in late summer

With the right care, you can harvest the first pumpkin in late summer. We explain how this is done here.

When is a pumpkin ready to be harvested?
The pumpkin harvest usually begins in late summer (late August) and continues into autumn. Of course, the time of harvest always depends on the time of planting and the weather. You can recognize ripe pumpkins either by their color (e.g. rich orange) and by their ripeness, e.g. hard shell, hard and dry stem, etc. Just knock on the pumpkin. If the pumpkin sounds hollow or if the tapping sounds muffled, then the pumpkin is ready for harvesting. As soon as a first frost comes over the pumpkins, harvesting the fruit is no longer recommended. In addition, ornamental gourds can only be used for decorative purposes, they are inedible as food.

Harvest pumpkin - that's how it's done
When harvesting, a little stalk should always remain on the pumpkin itself, which makes it last longer. So never break the handle. Otherwise it can happen that the pumpkins start to rot very quickly. It is always best to cut the pumpkins with a sharp knife or pruning shears. Dried flower roots should be left on the pumpkin. If you harvest the pumpkins early enough because it is too wet or too cold outside, you should let the pumpkins ripen in a warm place.

Store pumpkins properly
Pumpkins can, for example, be stored in a dry cellar room until spring. The orange tots or spaghetti, among others, have proven to be ideal gourds for storage. If you want to avoid pressure points that can quickly start to rot, you should store the pumpkins on styrofoam. It is best to store the pumpkins at 15 to 20 degrees. Always store pumpkins at a constant temperature and humidity.