Pests in July - beech aphid, mildew, cabbage white

The caterpillars of the white cabbage damage plants

Pests are not only annoying, they also destroy our beautiful flowers. Read here how you can identify pests that occur in July.

Fewer pests - fewer worries
What would our gardens be beautiful and what would we be less worried about if there weren't all the pests that our plants are not particularly fond of. There are countless of these pests, impossible to list them all. That is why we want to limit ourselves to three, which occur mainly in July.

Pests in July - beech aphid, mildew, cabbage white

  1. Beech aphid: It mainly affects the hornbeam hedges. You can tell this from the fact that the leaves curl down and turn brown. The reason is the honeydew that the louse produces and thus causes sooty mildew.
  2. Mildew: This fungus can develop on all kinds of plants. It consists of a white coating, which occurs mainly on the top of the sheet. Vegetables are also affected.
  3. Cabbage white butterfly: Not the butterfly is harmful, but the caterpillars. These eat a lot of leaves and make plants bare, which leads to death. You should collect this pest from the respective plant.

Otherwise, the use of pest-free helps in all three cases. Even if you should largely do without chemicals in the garden, sometimes there is no way around it.