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Scarifying - when is scarifying necessary?

Scarifying - when is scarifying necessary?

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So that your lawn grows lush green and grows densely, it must be scarified regularly. This is actually not difficult if you keep a few things in mind.

Without scarifying, the lawn becomes matted over time. This is due to mowing residues that remain on the green area. Foothills of other plants, as well as roots, ensure an ever denser layer of felt on the lawn. Nutrients are withheld and air and water can no longer penetrate to the roots. Moss and diseases prevail.

If your lawn looks like the one described above, it is high time that you scarified thoroughly. If you want to scarify with a handheld device, you should only do this on smaller areas. To scarify a larger lawn, I recommend a power tool. It's quicker and easier. If you do not want to buy a scarifier directly, borrow a device from a specialist dealer, i.e. from a construction or garden center. The rental fees are quite cheap and you can virtually test which scarifier suits you best.

See also our scarifier recommendations in the device overview.

How to scarify

The basic principle of scarifying is:
When scarifying, the knives must penetrate the soil vertically, separating the flat roots and foreign grasses as well as the weeds.

Scarifying: Step by step instructions

  1. Wait for dry weather.
  2. Cut the lawn.
  3. Set the height of the scarifier knife (the turf should be scored about 3 mm).
  4. Do not stop when scarifying, otherwise the grass area at this point will become too much injured.
  5. Always scarify in rows.
  6. Finally, rake off the loosened lawn felt.

When to scarify?

The right time for scarifying is spring, around April to May. Autumn, from mid to late September, is also a good time for this gardening. Ideal conditions for scarifying are always when the soil is moderately moist and has a slightly dried surface.

➽ Extra tip for heavy soils: Apply a layer of sand after scarifying, which improves air circulation.