Buy seed pots - which are good?

Buy growing pots made of coconut fiber

When sowing, many flowers must be brought forward in so-called growing pots. But which growing pots should you buy?

What does sowing in seed pots bring?
If flowers have to be brought forward when sowing in growing pots, this means that special seed soil comes in, the seeds are used and the plant only comes into the garden when it is strong enough. You should raise a lot of flowers in this way because they are simply planted in the garden soil, do not thrive properly or do not thrive at all.

Grow pots made of plastic
There are very special growing pots for growing. These are either made of plastic or coconut fibers. The advantage of plastic pots is that you can use them again and again. But that was the only advantage. That's why you should turn to pots that are recyclable.

Cultivation pots made of coconut fiber
The growing pots made of coconut fiber have several advantages: You do not have to take the plants out of the pot if you want to plant them. This way, no roots can be damaged. The pots give the roots more oxygen and, thirdly, the pots can remain in the earth, because there they decompose independently. Less waste, the environment thanks you!