Bedding plants

Flower bed in July - 4 tips

Don't forget such small jobs

Flower beds in the garden are really nice. They have to be taken care of so that they always look beautiful. Find out here what there is to do at the flower beds in July.

Don't forget small jobs
Once the season is in full swing and the weather is nice, you are in the garden every day and of course you always have something to do. The big jobs like mowing the lawn or loosening up the beds are regular, you don't forget them. Then there are always small things that are important, but which are often forgotten precisely because they do not take place regularly. When it comes to flower beds in particular, we have 4 tips for you.

Flower bed in July - 4 tips

  1. Plants that have a lot of flowers should be thinned out in between. Sunflowers and dahlias in particular are more beautiful when they are reduced. So they get a lot bigger.
  2. Dahlias, lilies and gladiolus often develop flowers that are too heavy and can cause the flower to twist. To avoid this, you should support these plants. You tie dahlias together, while lilies and gladiolus find a hold on bamboo sticks.
  3. End of July is the best time to plant autumn crocuses. The onions should be placed in loose soil up to 10 centimeters deep.
  4. If you mow the lawn and don't know where to put the clippings, spread them out on the flower beds. This gives the soil nutrients, keeps it moist and suppresses weed growth.