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5 ornamental shrubs with berries

5 ornamental shrubs with berries

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Mahonias are evergreen ornamental shrubs

Ornamental shrubs have a very special decorative value in the garden due to their special appearance. Ornamental shrubs with berries are particularly great.

Feast for the eyes in the garden
Today we would like to introduce you to five ornamental shrubs that are not only a feast for the eyes and something very unusual in the garden, but also have fruits, some of which you can eat or at least eat when processed. You can then use these delicious fruits to make liqueur, jam or other delicacies, for example. Maybe you can make friends with one or the other shrub that we are introducing to you here.

5 ornamental shrubs with berries

  1. Blue pods: The blue fruits, about ten centimeters long, look unusual, but once you have tried them, you will find that they taste very sweet. Incidentally, they are eaten raw. However, patience is required, the fruits are only formed after about 10 - 15 years.
  2. Scheinbeere: This is a ground cover that produces berries in summer, the oil of which is used to flavor chewing gum and toothpaste. These berries are not edible, they are considered to be slightly toxic.
  3. Buffalo Berry: A pretty shrub with small red berries that can be made into jelly.
  4. Olive willows: The berries look a bit like nuts, can be harvested from August and processed into jelly or juice.
  5. Mahonia: These bushes are evergreen and produce red and black berries. These taste particularly good as juice and jam and are also suitable for dyeing textiles.

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