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Fighting meadow snakes - 4 tips

Fighting meadow snakes - 4 tips

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Brown spots in the lawn indicate meadow snails

If brown areas appear in the lawn in spring, then it is often the meadow snake's fault. Learn how to fight meadow snakes here.

Larvae hatch in spring
The brown spots in the lawn are caused by the larvae of the meadow snake. These were deposited on the ground last year and then hatch in spring. They live underground and feed on the roots of the grasses. Pest control is not permitted on the lawn, and it is not very advisable to use such agents if your children are playing on the lawn. Instead, just try our tips.

Fighting meadow snakes - 4 tips

  1. Tipula larvae, as they are also called by experts, do not like calcium cyanamide. If this is applied on the lawn, the population can be significantly reduced.
  2. Nematodes (nematodes) can also help fight the larvae. You can order them online or get them from specialist retailers. They are simply added to the irrigation water and brought into the earth.
  3. Night owls can also collect the larvae by mixing wet wheat bran with sugar in a ratio of 10: 1 and applying it to the affected areas. The larvae then emerge at night and you can simply collect them. Of course, this is only possible if small parts are infected and not the entire lawn.
  4. If nothing helps, scarifying still helps. After that, however, you would have to sow the lawn again.