Wild roses - 5 varieties

Wild roses - 5 varieties

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Wild roses are very popular

Roses in the garden have to be simple. There is hardly a garden in which one or the other rose does not grow. Wild roses are very popular.

Wild roses are robust
With roses you have to make the difference between refined roses, conventional roses and wild roses. Even though many prefer the more noble varieties, it is the wild roses that are particularly robust and can be used in many areas. For example as a hedge replacement. We have selected five wild roses for you, which are sure to work well in your garden:

  1. Cinnamon rose: This rose has pink or purple flowers. It grows to a height of about one meter and blooms from May. She not only likes the sun, but also feels comfortable in partial shade.
  2. Vinegar rose: The vinegar rose blooms dark pink and becomes 80 centimeters high. It is particularly suitable for slopes because it has strong roots that secure the ground.
  3. Apple rose: This rose with pink flowers grows up to 1.80 meters tall. She is especially at home in the shade.
  4. Wine rose: This rose can grow to a height of 2.50 meters. It has numerous thorns, so it should not necessarily be planted next to the terrace.
  5. Pike rose: bright red flowers can be found on this rose, which can reach a height of up to three meters. The special thing about it: The leaves are colored blue-red.