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Gardening in February - part 2

Gardening in February - part 2

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Check the frost protection covers in February

Spring is just around the corner in February. Now gardening can slowly start again. A typical gardening in February is loosening up the vegetable patches.

Slowly get on your toes
In February, the first cheeky flowers like crocuses or snowdrops stick their heads out of the ground. That is the time when the gardener should slowly get going again. There is a lot to do, especially on the inside. We have put together 10 tasks for you here that you can do in February.

Gardening in February

  1. If the daffodils bloomed at your house over Christmas, the plants now need rest. Place the flowered onion pots in a cool but bright room.
  2. It won't be long before the repotting of houseplants is on the program. For this purpose, you should clean old pots that you want to reuse. The best way to get them clean is to add a dash of vinegar essence to the water.
  3. Flower bulbs that you prepared in autumn can now be placed in the sun. This gives the plants additional strength.
  4. If pests spread on the windowsill or in the winter garden, then take a sauna day. To do this, place the plants in the tub to shower and then cover them for a day. The high humidity destroys pests.
  5. At the end of February you can sow the first flowers.
  6. If you have discovered dry stems on ornamental shrubs, then you should cut them off.
  7. In the second half of February, you can sow lettuce, kohlrabi, radish and radishes in the heated greenhouse.
  8. Check all frost protection covers.
  9. In February you can also loosen the soil of your vegetable patches and fertilize with compost.
  10. If the soil is frost-free, you can use early-growing fruit trees such as Plant currants.