Support perennials - How to build a plant support

Peonies have very large flowers

With some flowers, one really wonders how they can get such large flowers if the plant cannot hold them at all. Therefore one has to support these perennials.

Peonies, delphiniums and poppies
This is especially noticeable in peonies. The flowers are sometimes so heavy that the stems bend or, in the worst case, even kink. This is particularly common after rain. But other tall shrubs like delphiniums or poppies can often not withstand the heaviness of their own flowers. Proper support is important here.

Build a plant support yourself
You can buy them, but you don't have to, because first of all, such purchased supports are expensive and often not available in the desired size. We do it ourselves! All we need is a few branches or bamboo sticks and a cord. The sticks or branches are stuck into the ground around the plant. Make sure that they are inserted deep enough and thus stably. Now a string is wrapped around the bars and knotted. Be careful not to damage the plant with sharp edges. The plant support is ready.