Wintering almond trees - how it's done

Wintering almond trees - how it's done

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When spring finally comes, the almond trees are blooming again. But only if they made it through the winter. Here you have to take some precautions.

Almond trees just look great in the garden

First the almond tree enchants us with its wonderful pink flowers and then it also gives us delicious almonds in autumn. However, all this only works if the almond tree receives the right amount of care. You also have to get it well over winter. An almond tree is suitable for outdoors and can also hibernate well there, because frost and snow do not bother it - but only if it is protected. In addition, late frost in spring can minimize flowering. The pretty white or pink flowers are very reduced due to the frost damage. Protect the sapling properly in the cold season.

So almond trees come through the winter well

Wintering in the basement / winter garden:

If you want to enjoy the almond blossoms in all their glory, it is best to bring the almond tree indoors. A cool cellar or conservatory is best suited for winter storage. Here the almond tree gets light and is not too warm. However, you should never position it next to the warm heater.

You will quickly notice that the wintering area in the basement or conservatory gets the almond trees very well. The trees often bloom from March onwards. A tree planted outdoors cannot keep up. You can also harvest more from trees that are indoors than from trees that are in the garden.

Wintering outdoors:

Can you not bring the almond tree into the house because you e.g. do not have a cellar, then it can overwinter outdoors. However, you will need to take some precautions to protect the plant from frost damage.

➧ Place the planter on a base made of polystyrene or wooden slats so that it does not stand directly on the floor.

➧ Cover the pots with fleece, bubble wrap or a coconut mat. So the frost can not penetrate the pot so quickly.

➧ It is best to always cover the root area with some brushwood, straw or leaves. This is especially true for almond trees that are planted in the bed.

➧ It is best to put a jute sack or a fleece hood over the upper part of the tree.

Does the almond tree need to be watered in winter?

Yes, the almond tree also needs to be watered in winter. But only if the floor is really dry. Then you can still water properly so that the roots in the lower area also get some water.