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How to feed your fish properly

Kois are popular pond fish

Many gardeners fulfill their dream of having their own pond in the garden. And if there is a pond, then of course you also need fish. Koi is particularly popular. But that's where the problems begin. Because many do not know how best to take care of fish. The mistake that is made is to give the fish too much food. That is not necessary and certainly not healthy. However, it depends on various factors, when to feed and how much.

Feed properly
The first thing would be the planting in the pond. If the pond is quite large and has many plants, fish will often find enough food here. You should also pay attention to how high the population is. The higher, the more often you should feed. Another aspect is the water temperature. The following applies: the warmer the water, the more hungry the fish are. If it goes into autumn and the water temperature drops below 10 degrees, you no longer have to feed the fish. Otherwise, only add as much food to the water as the fish can eat immediately. Food that sinks to the bottom of the pond unnecessarily pollutes the water.