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Maintaining wine in summer - 3 valuable tips

Maintaining wine in summer - 3 valuable tips

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The grapes need a lot of sun

Grapevines in your own garden - not only tasty, but also beautiful jewelry. Especially on house walls or pergolas. If you want to harvest lush grapes, you should start harvesting in June To maintain wine.

  1. Here, in particular, the fruit levels have to be constantly checked. Because not only the plant needs sun, but also - or above all - the grapes. If these are shaded by large leaves, you should remove them.
  2. It is also important that branches that have become too long are cut off. This happens three to five leaves behind the last fruit set. By shortening, on the one hand, more sun comes to the grapes, on the other hand, the plant can also focus the energy on the growth of the fruit. This makes the grapes bigger and sweeter.
  3. Since not every fruit stand grows evenly, it is also necessary that you thin out fruit that is too small (in relation to the others). Otherwise these take away the energy from the stronger grapes.