Protection from wasps - 3 tips

Protection from wasps - 3 tips

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The coffee time is particularly dangerous

Wasps are dangerous because they are more aggressive than bees. From July to September the best time for the wasp flight and you can find it anywhere in the garden. But especially where there is something to snack on. And that can be dangerous. That is why you follow ours Tips to the Protection from wasps.

Tip 1:
Cakes, cola, lemonade and grilled meat magically attract wasps. For you, this means paying more attention. Especially with drinks that are in bottles. Never drink from a bottle and always put the screw cap on. Otherwise cover food as much as possible. Networks are helpful here.

Tip 2:
If you have a winter garden or a garden shed, then cover windows and doors with fly screens. This way, wasps and other “missiles” cannot penetrate.

Tip 3:
Last but not least, it is best not to plant wine directly on or above the terrace, because when the berries ripen in late summer, they are more likely to attract the wasps.