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Poppies in the garden - plant, care for and multiply

Even if it doesn't bloom for very long, the poppy is a very popular plant in German gardens. No wonder, because the flowers make quite a lot.

Plant poppies between other tall perennials

Most people only know them from fields and meadows - others even have them in the garden. We are talking about the poppy, also called corn poppy. The popularity of the plant is quickly explained, because if the flower is one, then it is a real eye-catcher. Why? Because it can reach a height of up to 80 centimeters. And the flowers, which appear from May to September, depending on the variety, are impressive. They can grow up to 10 centimeters in diameter. In addition, they fascinate us with colors from red to pink to white. Unfortunately, the flowers will wither after a few days, but if you plant poppies in groups, it can really work.

Plant poppies in the garden


Corn poppy grows best in a sunny spot in the garden. The plant needs a lot of light to thrive. When choosing a location, however, note that the leaves die after flowering. Therefore, you should never place the poppy alone, but always plant it in conjunction with other tall perennials to hide the gaps. In addition to lupins, goldenrod, daisies, cornflowers and delphiniums, poppies are particularly beautiful because they form a beautiful contrast to the bright red flowers of the poppies.


Poppies prefer well-drained and nutritious soil. It is therefore advisable to enrich the soil with compost a few weeks before planting the poppies.

How to properly care for poppies

Poppies are very easy to care for. In principle, you don't actually have to do anything. The flowers bloom splendidly even without your intervention. However, if you want them to thrive particularly well, water them regularly. However, you do not need to fertilize them.

However, what you should still do is to remove the faded parts of the plant regularly. It just looks nicer. When the flowering period is over, you can completely remove the plants from the soil. Don't do that, the poppies will multiply on their own. But then certainly not in the places where you want it. It is therefore better to remove the faded plants and plant the poppies in the garden.

This is how poppies can be propagated

If you want to do more with your poppy seeds, you can easily multiply them. To do this, uncover the poppy roots in late autumn or winter and cut off several side shoots. These should be about 8 centimeters long and then put in pots with growing soil in the house or in the winter garden. Then you have to make sure that the roots are flush with the surface of the earth. After just a few weeks, the first shoots form that you can put in the garden in spring.