Dry flowers and use as decoration

Dry flowers and use as decoration

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Would you like to enjoy the blossoms of the garden all year round? Then just dry the flowers! From this you can conjure up beautiful decorations.

The garden offers a large amount of flowers in summer and reveals many plants. You can also keep this bloom for autumn or winter by drying the flowers and flowers. So you have something of the beautiful flowers all year round. You can also use special bouquets such as Make your wedding bouquet or Valentine's Day bouquet durable. So you will always remember the special events.

You don't even always have to set up the flowers as dry bouquets. Great dried decoration can also be conjured up from the dried flowers. All you have to do is dry the flowers properly.

How to dry flowers properly

❶ If you want to dry flowers, you must harvest them in good time. It is best if the flowers look fresh. This also applies to bouquets. You mustn't start to wither. By the way, you can dry pretty much any flower.

❷ In order that the flowers do not lose their shape, i.e. the petals do not hang but instead stand correctly, flowers are always dried with the flowers facing downwards. So tie them together on the stems to form a bouquet and hang it upside down in a warm, sunny place. However, this must be protected from rain and wind. The flowers dry very well in a warm and dark room in the house.

❸ It will take some time to dry. However, the result is impressive. You can always recognize the dried flowers by the fact that they rustle quietly when they are removed. However, you have to be very careful here, because the dried flowers can break quickly.

❹ You can then preserve the dried bouquet with a little hairspray. As a rule, however, the flowers should stay that way and bring the flowery summer into the house for a few months, if not years.

You can conjure up everything from dried flowers

You can conjure up beautiful decorations from dried flowers. You can set up a classic dry bouquet or decorate it with decorative elements. See beautiful e.g. Pearl necklaces or butterflies made of fabric. This gives the whole thing a romantic vintage look. You can also take the dried flowers and make a beautiful door wreath out of them. Here are a few more creative ideas: