Tips & Tricks

Plants that need little water

Fat hen - a plant with low water requirements

Climate change often shows us more than clearly: summers become drier, it rains less and temperatures rise. Even if you can hardly believe it in the course of some summer months. Nevertheless, it is a fact that many plants in the garden also suffer from. But there are also Plants that need little water.

So that the watering does not take over, you can reduce the watering from the outset with a few tricks.

Work the floor
First you should completely remove the weeds from the corresponding bed. Then work the floor. For heavy soils with gravel or grit, make the soil more permeable or if the soil contains too much sand, use bentonite (clay mineral flour).

Choose the right plants
What is particularly important, however, are the right plants that naturally require less water.

Woods that need little water
So you can fall back on the summer lilac, summer gorse, wig or the beard flower.

Perennials that need little water
For the perennials, ornamental onion, splendor, yarrow, fat hen, honorary prize and also the aster and the perennially yellow flowering coneflower (Rudbeckia Fulgida Goldsturm) are recommended. With this selection, the garden looks beautiful for a long time, even without having to water every day.