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Draw your own high stem

Draw your own high stem

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The best-known standard tree is probably the rose. Mostly it is bought in the garden department, but why not raise your own little tree?

Many plants come as standard trees. Above all, this includes the rose. But also laurel, oleanders, gentian shrubs and many other plants, which generally grow directly out of the ground, can be considered as Pull up trunks, It takes a little patience, but it's worth it.

That's how it works:

  1. Tie the main shoot (the strongest) of the young plant to a stick in the middle. Regularly cut off the side shoots, both those that arise directly on the main shoot and those that grow from the ground.
  2. Do this procedure for the next two to five years. Depending on how fast the plant grows. Always tie the main shoot again so that it just grows.
  3. When the plant has reached the desired height, the shoot tip is cut. So you also determine the height.
  4. With this capping, the plant begins to form side shoots. Shorten these side shoots regularly and let them grow into a bushy crown. Always cut branches further down the trunk.

Depending on the plant growth, you can grow a pretty tree trunk yourself within three to five years.