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Mow the lawn only twice a year

Mow the lawn only twice a year

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Let a flower meadow grow

There are so many jobs in the garden that you don't like to do. This certainly includes weeding and mowing the lawn. Therefore our tip: Mow the lawn only twice a year!

Even if you have an electric or a petrol-powered lawn mower, it is not enough to simply drive quickly across the grassy area. The bag has to be taught again and again. If you don't have a bag, you have to cut the grass together.

Let a flower meadow grow
The edges of paths or beds must also look neat. Often help with scissors here. All this work can be saved if you give the meadow a chance and let it grow. A wild flower meadow not only provides a habitat for many plants, but also many animals.

Create paths with the lawn mower
You can then confidently create paths with the mower. So the work is reduced. But don't just stop mowing, but increase the mowing distances. When it turns into a beautiful flower meadow, only mow twice a year, in July and September. You have already saved yourself a lot of work.