Create vegetable beds - you should pay attention to this!

Create vegetable beds - you should pay attention to this!

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Home grown food always tastes better than the sprayed products from the supermarket. You want to Create vegetable beds, it is important to be careful when dividing up.

Don't forget paths
Flower beds let the garden appear clear and creative. The beds also have small paths so that the plants can be easily reached.

Choose the shape of the bed
The usual structure of a bed is rectangular. Unusual shapes can make the garden look more interesting and give it an individual look.

Frame for the vegetable patch
A frame made of pavement slabs further embellishes and ensures a paved path.

Provide sun and irrigation
The space for beds should also be very sunny. In the same step, however, you have to provide appropriate irrigation.

Arrangement of plants
The arrangement of the plants on the beds should also be observed, because some plants do not get along. In contrast, there are also vegetable varieties for planting that protect each other from pests.

If the soil is loosened regularly, the ventilation remains even and this promises good growth.