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Rhododendron rolls up leaves

Rhododendron rolls up leaves

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The curling up of the leaves is normal

The magnificent rhododendron is a welcome bush in many gardens, which, if the conditions are ideal, can almost grow into a tree. Sometimes it happens in winter: The Rhododendron rolls up the leaves.

Rhododendron runs on the back burner
However, this is completely normal. The rhododendron is evergreen, which means that it also performs photosynthesis in winter and thus water evaporates. Now the leaves curl up, then the rhododendron runs on a back burner. That means it reduces photosynthesis and saves water.

Water when it is frost free
In doing so, he prevents frost drying himself. If the leaves remain in this state for a long time, countermeasures should be taken. On the one hand, you should also provide sufficient water in the winter months, whenever it is frost-free.

Straw mats or frost protection tiles
Second, you can also protect the rhododendron by not exposing it directly to wind and sun. Straw mats or frost protection fleece are two indispensable helpers. Plants that are in pots and cannot be placed in warmer places inside should also receive this protection.