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Make mulch yourself - how it works!

Make mulch yourself - how it works!

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In autumn, many trees are cut again, so that a lot of waste is created in the garden. Before you dispose of this waste, you can get it out Make mulch yourself and do something good for your own garden.

Crush wood waste
A small chopper is enough to shred the large amount of wood waste. The mulch can then be used anywhere in the garden. It prevents weeds from growing through and also protects the soil from drying out.

Mulch gives the soil nutrients
In summer it can also be ideally sprinkled under trees or garden plants. The mulch can also give the soil nutrients and improve it. Mulch does not have any real disadvantages. Only with fresh mulch can there be a risk that it will bring mushrooms with it. However, since the mulch gradually degrades, you have to mulch here and there to keep the bed. Even in autumn you can still bring the mulch into the garden, because it is ideal as winter protection.