Combat Giersch with weed film and mulch

Combat Giersch with weed film and mulch

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Giersch is very persistent

Giersch is said to be healthy, to have many vitamins and also to serve as a medicinal plant. Yes, you can even make salad from it. But in the garden, in beautifully laid out beds, the Giersch is an unwelcome guest, who unfortunately not only stays for a short time, but also multiplies cheerfully. But you shouldn't try anything Giersch to fight.

Because you can't eat a Giersch salad every day, you're faced with the problem of how to get it under control. First of all: It is difficult, often impossible, but you can try and possibly contain it. You don't have to say that you should always pick when the Giersch looks out of the ground, most people do that anyway.

If you have a very loose soil, you can tear it out along with the roots. However, damaged roots grow back all the faster.

Fighting greediness - weed film and mulch
The only, quite effective method is to use it weed film and mulch to suffocate. To do this, however, you have to completely empty the bed for at least one year. Apply the film, leave the mulch on it and leave it there for at least a year. Then you can try again. If you are lucky, you will have peace, but you shouldn't have too much hope.