Raising the forget-me-not - 2 suggestions

Raising the forget-me-not - 2 suggestions

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You can easily grow the forget-me-not in your own garden. And in two ways.

Forget-me-nots are easy to plant

With forget-me-nots, the leaf rosette is formed first and the plant only begins to flower after the following cold. This cold period is particularly important for the plant.

For forget-me-nots, sowing must take place in spring. It should be completed by June at the latest. You have two options. You can prefer the forget-me-not either in growing trays or in the greenhouse.

Prefer forget-me-nots in growing trays

You can prefer forget-me-nots in bowls from May. To do this, place the seeds in the soil and only press them down lightly. Never cover the seeds with soil, because they are light germs. Then place the growing trays in a shady to dark place in the house. But note: the temperature must not be too high, because if it is higher than 22 degrees Celsius, the germination of the forget-me-not is not affected. Temperatures around 18 degrees Celsius are optimal.

If you stick to the points just mentioned, the seeds will grow in about three weeks. Until then, you have to be careful that the substrate does not dry out. If the seedlings have become so strong and large that they contest the space, you must separate them. It is best to keep a planting distance of about 10 centimeters. You can then plant the plants outdoors in late summer or at the beginning of autumn. Maintain a planting distance of around 20 centimeters.

Prefer forget-me-nots in the greenhouse

If you want to grow in a protective greenhouse, you should ensure good and constant ventilation. In addition, you must check the thermometer regularly if you have selected the greenhouse as a nursery for the forget-me-not. Because excessive fluctuations in temperature cannot easily be forgotten by the forget-me-not.

This is where forget-me-not thrives best

The forget-me-not does not have very great demands on the location. It thrives very well in both a shady and a bright location. In principle, you can plant it where you have enough space.

As for the soil, it should be permeable and humorous. The floor should also be moist. The forget-me-not particularly likes that. So you can also plant it calmly near the water.

How to properly care for the forget-me-not

The forget-me-not must be watered regularly. Especially when it is very hot outside. Only water when the top layer of earth has dried, otherwise waterlogging could occur and the forget-me-not doesn't like that at all. However, you do not need to fertilize it.

Otherwise you should only prune the plants after flowering, i.e. towards the end of autumn. This is important, because otherwise the forget-me-not will multiply by itself. If you want to, you should move the pruning back to next spring. Reading tip: 3 tips so that self-sowing works.