Do not plant trees too densely

Trees can contest each other's place

A garden is only a certain size and you want to accommodate as much as possible. But sometimes too much is not good. With woody plants, for example. Therefore, Do not plant trees too densely, otherwise you run the risk of contesting each other's place.

Implementation is unfavorable
By pressing, they also grow crooked and may become bald on one side while the other proliferates. If the plants have been in place for a long time, repositioning is unfavorable because the roots are probably too large. But other measures help here.

Cut out the scaffolding shoots and thus straighten the bush. Also cut wild shoots directly with the roots. You can cut off trees quite radically about half a meter above the ground. This prevents blooming this year, but the plant can reshape again.

Maintain minimum clearances
The following minimum distances should be observed when planting to other trees:

• 2 meters for lilac, ranunculus and fragrant jasmine

• 1.5 meters for forsythia, snowball, rhododendron and summer lilac

• at least 1 meter for hibiscus.