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Make the garden corner beautiful - to avoid eyesores

Make the garden corner beautiful - to avoid eyesores

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Not a nice garden corner

As is well known, all gardens have more or less attractive corners. There is often a small tree or a shrub. A garden corner you can do it yourself design beautifully.

Plant clay pots
If you have no plants in the corners, you can still help yourself. There are clay pots of different sizes, which can be offset in the corner. The rear higher pots are planted with large flowers, such as. B. daisies or delphiniums.

The front smaller pots can be equipped with all flowering and evergreen plants. Always watered well and fertilized in between, the flowers grow and fill the garden corner.

Green zinc tub
Instead of clay pots, you can of course also use other flower containers. A beautifully planted replica of a medieval fountain or a green zinc tub also makes the eyesore disappear.

Create seating area
Creating a comfortable seating area is also recommended. A bamboo seat protector prevents prying eyes. In front of it you place a garden bench as a round bench in the corner. With a suitable table and chairs, a place to relax for the stressed person is created. As a limitation on the right and left you can put flower pots.