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Pull petunias yourself - how it works

Pull petunias yourself - how it works

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Petunias are colorful flowers that are often planted in the balcony box. You don't have to buy them every year, you can also multiply petunias yourself.

Petunias bloom all summer long

The petunias are undoubtedly one of the most diverse garden and balcony plants. With their fantastic bloom, which lasts all summer through to autumn, they delight the eye of every beholder. Unfortunately, most petunia varieties are only one year old. If you want to enjoy the beauty of flowers every year, you always have to buy new plants. Or you can pull petunias yourself. You have two options. On the one hand, you can pull the flowers out of seeds yourself, or you can multiply them via offshoots.

So you can pull petunias yourself

Option 1 - sowing:

1If you want to grow petunias yourself by sowing, you must first buy seeds from a specialist dealer or harvest them yourself. To do this, simply do not clean the withered flowers of the petunias at the end of the season. In this way, the seed pods can fully develop. You have to snap them off when they have turned light brown but have not yet broken open. To do this, cut off the seed pods along with a small piece of the stem and let them dry in a warm and airy place for a few days. If the capsules burst, you can collect the small, black seeds. Then store them in a dark screw-top jar in a cool place until sowing.

At the end of February the time has come. Then you can take out the seeds and sprinkle them into small peat pots filled with soil. Then cover thinly with some substrate, spray with water and cover with a glass plate or some foil.

3 When placed in a bright, warm place and always kept moist and ventilated, the first delicate leaves will soon appear. When the plants are strong enough and the second pair of leaves has developed, you can prick them, i.e. grapple individually and let it grow.

4If May with its ice saints is over, you can put the stately plants outside in pots or window boxes. But be careful, petunias can't stand the blazing sun. So they are more suitable for partially shaded places. Together with geraniums and / or verbenas, they form a delightful sight in the garden.

A little hint:

Fertilize once a month and water enough and the petunias grow and the flowers shine in a variety of colors.

Option 2 - offshoot:

1You can also grow many new plants at the beginning of summer. To do this, you need to cut cuttings about 15 centimeters long from a vigorous plant and then remove the lower leaves.

2Then you have two options: You can either put the offshoots in a water glass for about three weeks, wait until roots have formed and then plant them, or place them directly in small pots. If the young plants sprout in the upper area, this is a sign that enough roots have formed. You can then plant the cuttings in the bed or in pots.