Cut boxwood - you have to pay attention to that

Cut boxwood - you have to pay attention to that

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It is best to cut boxwood from March to September, whether as a hedge or solitary. There are a few things to consider for the perfect shape.

Whether standing alone or as a hedge, the boxwood (Buxus sempervirens) can often be found in German gardens. The box belonging to the Buxaceae family is a very slow growing plant - so if you quickly expect a large box tree, you won't be happy here.

The box grows just 15 centimeters a year. Despite the fact that the buxus grows so little, it should be cut regularly. Through the regular cut it will brought into shape and then grows compact and dense - with no runners. Cutting the boxwood is just as much a part of maintenance as regular fertilization.

When to cut boxwood?

The best time for the boxwood cut is the months of March to September, whereby these are again divided into two phases.

Boxwood rough cut
❏ no new shoots available yet
❏ best time: March to April
❏ Boxwood is cut into shapeBoxwood fine cut
❏ Buchbaum sprouts
❏ Best time: May to September
❏ 2/3 of new shoots are cut off

Boxwood is cut from the bottom up. This causes the cut leaves to trickle onto the floor and not into the boxes.

The right tool

Before you start using the “scissors”, you should know that the boxwood should not be cut when it is raining, and certainly not when the sun is shining. It is also important that you use sharp secateurs or special boxwood shears. Blunt “blades” squeeze the stems and leaves and offer a target for various mushrooms. Also make sure that there is no more night frost.

Cut the boxwood into shape

Solitary box trees are often cut into shape. If you don't dare to make an even cut, you can also use a special boxwood template. In addition to the standard spherical shape, unusual shapes are also possible.

Boxwood shapes picture gallery

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If you cut your boxwood according to these specifications, you will enjoy a healthy book for a long time.