Creating a wellness garden - 7 creative ideas presented

Creating a wellness garden - 7 creative ideas presented

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Put your feet up and relax - you don't have to go to the wellness hotel to experience this. Our ideas show how you can create a wellness garden.

Perfect for a wellness garden: the outdoor whirlpool

You can set up or redesign a wellness area in the garden or a complete wellness garden with the smallest changes, especially since every green, usually wonderfully flowering garden always has a wellness character. Therefore you do not have to change so much to create a wellness garden.

We are now presenting some wellness options that also give you the opportunity to create your own garden and discover it as a wellness garden! Prerequisite for this: You need covered open spaces or pavilions in your garden. If these can already be found in your garden, then nothing stands in the way of your wellness garden.

Ideas for your wellness garden

➤ Idea No. 1 - outdoor whirlpool:

Special outdoor whirlpool pools have been on sale for some time now and can remain there all year round (thermal heating). The associated covers make it easy to keep the interior clean, which, depending on the model, can accommodate two to seven people. In addition, these whirlpools can be heated, some have color lights (color light therapy), a digital control panel, massage water jets, comfortable neck pillows, CD players with integrated loudspeakers and the like.


You can usually select the desired equipment, color and shape from the manufacturers individually. Inexpensive offers are often offered in autumn. So keep an eye out for attractive offers.

➤ Idea No. 2 - Kneipp pool:

Even in a small garden you can use a Kneipp pool such as integrate in the form of an old wine barrel or an old tin tub. These creative ideas for mini Kneipp pools even look great. On top of that, a cold water jet (water hose) ensures the perfect Kneipp pour.

The circulation is stimulated by water treading and the blood circulation is promoted. Together with the muscle movement by pedaling on the spot, this also promotes the venous blood flow and also prevents varicose veins.

➤ Idea No. 3 - swimming pool:

The range of swimming pools for the garden has expanded enormously in recent years, so that today a garden pool can be realized for almost everyone. For example, from inexpensive PVC material, such as is offered in many DIY stores. However, you can usually only use such a pool from around May to October, since it does not offer frost resistance. During the winter months, you have to keep such a pool dry in an interior.

However, if you prefer a more exclusive garden pool, you can also use prefabricated models that are embedded at ground level (excavation required), among other things. This is then surrounded with stylish natural stones or fine wooden floorboards and can be used all year round because the pool water can also be heated.

➤ Idea No. 4 - Scented Potpourri:

Under no circumstances should a natural fragrance pot pourri be missing in your garden. Finally, there are natural plants with an intense smell of flowers in all seasons. These include e.g. Jasmine, roses, wild herbs, thyme, lemon balm, etc.

Simply plant these and many other anti-stress plants near your wellness oases and enjoy the look and smell of these flowers. You will quickly notice that the combination of “relaxing” and “absorbing scent” will make you much more relaxed.

➤ Idea No. 5 - Relax furniture:

For a wellness garden, so-called relaxation furniture, as they are currently preferred in poly rattan, are of particular importance. They invite you to relax and are also easy to clean, adaptable to different body positions and extremely comfortable.

You can also use a beach chair, a swing, a tree swing, pool chairs, etc. as relaxation furniture. Just choose what you like. Among the garden furniture trends 2014 there is certainly something suitable for your taste.

➤ Idea No. 6 - outdoor sauna:

The so-called log sauna is perfect for outdoor use and is a real eye-catcher in the garden. Built in the shape of a country house, there are one or two saunas and a sanitary area (shower / toilet).

If you should choose this wellness oasis, you should ideally combine it with a lounge area (relaxation area) - possibly even inside and outside. A proper sauna session consists of several phases, some of which also consist of rest phases.

➤ Idea No. 7 - hay bed:

The hay bed is a bit unusual, but very easy to display. For this purpose, you simply have to buy fresh hay from a local farmer or from a specialized mail order company. Organic hay with wild / medicinal herbs should definitely be preferred, as it releases valuable essential oils when heated (e.g. in a sauna).

The hay (steam heating), which is heated to around 50 degrees, must then be spread out on a comfortable relaxation bed (plastic pad). You can then enjoy the application itself in a linen towel wrapped around your body. It is best that your body is surrounded on all sides with the heated hay. Possibly cover the whole thing with woolen blankets.

Alternatively, you can of course also fill a small cotton / linen neck pillow with hay and carefully warm it in the oven. Then enjoy this warming pillow on the sun lounger until the warming effect wears off.