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Caring for balcony plants in strong sun - 8 tips

Caring for balcony plants in strong sun - 8 tips

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If you don't have a garden, the balcony is often the “green oasis”. But what if the plants there are exposed to strong sunlight? Then our tips will help.

Shade the plants

Having your own garden is a nice thing. Here we can grow our own fruit and vegetables, sow herbs and plant flowers. Unfortunately, not everyone lives in a beautiful house with a garden. Unfortunately, many only have a balcony for planting. And here in summer there is a danger that the plants will be exposed to extreme heat and strong sunlight.

If the temperatures climb above 30 degrees and the sun shines directly on the balcony plants, then it is particularly important that the individual plants receive optimal care on these days so that they do not have to surrender to the heat. If you take our care tips for balcony plants to heart, nothing should happen to your plants.

Tips for care in strong sun and drought

Tip 1: Put water storage in the ground

Stockosorb, a water-storing granulate, works in plant soil for up to 5 years. When planting balcony plants, you should add water-storing granules to the soil. These ensure perfect moisture balance in the flowerpot, especially in midsummer! More about the Stockosorb water reservoir ...

Tip 2: Use irrigation balls

Watering balls: 2 weeks of water for your potted plants You can also use these watering balls (available here) to supply water to balcony plants. Simply fill the balls with water and stick the tip as close as possible to the root system.

Tip 3: Blumat water dispenser

Inconspicuous, but a great help: the Blumat water dispenser! This water dispenser (available here) consists of a cylinder made of clay and a very thin water hose. The moistened and water-filled cylinder is put into the soil of your balcony plant, the end of the water hose is then placed in a lower-lying container with water. The clay cylinder now permanently sucks small amounts of water from the water tank, directly into your planter.

Tip 4:

On south-facing balconies, you should only use sun-hungry plants (such as lavender and sage, etc.) in the window boxes.

Tip 5:

The best thing to do is to water the balcony plants in the evening. If necessary, also early in the morning. It is important that you absolutely avoid waterlogging!

It is also important that you never water your plants in direct sunlight, as they could otherwise burn.

Tip 6:

By the way, terracotta pots allow irrigation water to evaporate much faster. This can be remedied by wrapping such balcony pots with damp, possibly also wet, cloths.

Tip 7:

In extreme sunlight, the plants should be at least during the greatest heat phase e.g. shade by an awning or a parasol.

Tip 8:

Already when a big heat wave announces you can take heavily affected plants from the balcony boxes, cut them back clearly and let them sprout again in the shade