Search lawn mower by lawn - our buying advice

Search lawn mower by lawn - our buying advice

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When buying a lawnmower, you should pay attention to the size of the lawn and other conditions. Our purchase advice explains why this is important.

Perfect for small areas: the spindle lawn mower

If you need a new lawn mower, you shouldn't just buy any device. Finally, the lawn is an important purchase criterion. If you buy the wrong mower here, you could make your work unnecessarily difficult, because not all lawn mower models are suitable for all lawns. For example, a lawn tractor for a 500 square meter garden and an electric lawn mower for a 1000 square meter area would be nonsensical.

We have therefore noted here which lawn mower is suitable for which lawn area, so that you can then choose the best device for your garden.

Search for the lawn mower according to the lawn area

Lawn area up to 100 square meters

With a lawn of up to 100 square meters, a manual spindle mower should be used. This lawn mower cuts off the individual stalks between movable and fixed knives and offers you the possibility to precisely adjust the cutting height. If you want to save yourself work, pay attention to a collecting basket. This way you avoid the annoying hooking of the section after mowing.

But beware:
With a grass length of over 10 centimeters, hand-operated reel lawn mowers are no longer suitable. In general, this type of lawnmower requires a great deal of effort. But there are also spindle lawn mowers with electric drive or battery drive, which make mowing the lawn much easier.

Lawn area from 100 to 1000 square meters

In the case of somewhat larger areas of grass, a motorized device should already be used. Here you should either use a petrol lawn mower or an electric lawn mower. Both devices have their advantages and disadvantages, which is why you have to decide which device to buy.

»Petrol lawn mower:

Motorized petrol lawn mowers are still the most used and reliable garden tools.

»See currently popular petrol lawn mowers

A petrol lawn mower has enough power to cut even slightly longer grass easily. In addition, petrol lawn mowers offer independence from the socket and the problem of cable cutting is also eliminated. And also when it comes to starting the petrol engine, you don't even have to exert much power here. Most newer devices now come with an automatic start function that makes starting the engine child's play.

»Electric lawn mower:

Basically, of course, electric lawn mowers are also suitable. In contrast to petrol lawnmowers, they are much quieter, which your neighbors in particular will certainly like (see Stiftung Warentest report Noise in the garden: the noisemakers from next door).

»Currently popular electric lawn mowers

However, such mowers are only recommended for gardens that have sufficient power supply. In addition, the cable can become a real burden when mowing the lawn. If this accidentally gets between the knives, damage is inevitable. However, there are also models with an automatic cable reel that ensures that the power cable is pulled securely.

Lawn area over 1000 square meters

With such huge lawns, it will turn out to be worthwhile for you if you buy a lawn tractor or ride-on mower. However, you should also pay attention to the engine performance here. Most lawn tractors are also only partially suitable for hilly terrain.

The significantly increased cost factor should not go unmentioned. But ride-on mowers and lawn tractors also offer a lot for your money. So they are through attachments such as Snow blade, sweeper, trailer spreader and much more can be used in many ways.

Alternative for every lawn: the robotic lawnmower

Hard to believe, but robotic lawnmowers are already available in specialist shops. These small machines can take a heavy load off your hands because they mow the lawn all by themselves. Many of these robots already automatically recognize where the lawn ends, since they create a virtual map before mowing. The robot lawn mower cuts the grass so small that you can easily leave it on the ground. Such robotic lawnmowers work like mulching mowers.

However, this convenient alternative also comes at a price. On top of that, such mowers have to be loaded for a long time. For some models, a charging time of up to 12 hours is sufficient, while others have to be charged for up to 24 hours. However, the advantages of a robotic lawnmower outweigh the benefits, so buying such a device can be very useful.

Here is the principle of a robotic lawnmower for illustration: